Vista Ambassador Reviews

About a year ago I was given a great opportunity with Vista Magazine as an ambassador. If you haven't heard of Vista Magazine they are an amazing Canadian health and wellness magazine. You can check out their site here or you can find their print magazine in most health food stores. One of the best benefits of being an ambassador with Vista Magazine is I get the opportunity to try different products and share them with my clients and with my social media followers. I have decided to take it to the next step and will be sharing my reviews on my blog monthly. I am not sure yet if I will blog about each product separately or if I will group it all into one blog post a month. If you have any preference I would love to hear your thoughts either by commenting below, sending me an email at or by clicking the more header above and going to the contact page. In the next few days I will be doing a few large posts on some of the products I have already tried and love. If you'd like to see some of the products I have so far tried head on over to my instagram

Looking forward to sharing some amazing products and companies with you.

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