The stomach flu crept its way into our home.

The holidays came and went and with it brought tons of goodies and to be honest this year we just couldn't seem to say NO. There was cookies and chocolates given as gifts, yummy cranberry sauce and desserts with Christmas dinner and pretty much any dinner we had around the holidays. With all this yummy food came lots of sugar, something we don't eat much of on a regular basis in our house. Consuming white processed sugar can increase your susceptibility of getting a cold or the flu.

Guess what else the holidays brought us, a small 48 hour stomach flu...yup you got it we let the nasty bug creep right into our home. For me this has been the first stomach flu I have gotten in over 25 years and the very first one ever for our three year old son. Let's just say vomiting was a whole new thing for him and he really had no idea what was happening.

Now normally the nasty bug would have not made it but because we all had way too much sugar we really weakened our immune systems. Sugar can really play havoc on your immune system. Firstly it destroys the germ-killing ability of white blood cells for up to 5 hours after indigestion, plus it decreases the production of the bodies natural antibiotics. It interferes in the transportation of vitamin C into cells and causes mineral imbalances which will weaken the immune system. It also feeds the unhealthy bacteria in the gut and prevents the good bacteria from living.

Here's the thing we can't always be perfect and sometimes we end up eating foods that aren't the healthiest for us. Life happens we are only human. So in the end we ended up catching the stomach flu but because we are normally really healthy we were able to fight it off really well.

So how did we get over this flu? Well first it wasn't too bad there was a little vomiting and diarrhea and we were a little tired (no that is wrong our 3 year old had way too much energy even for a kid with the stomach flu) No one had a fever so that was really helpful.

The first day no one could keep a thing down so we didn't force our self's to eat anything, the body was telling us it didn't want food so we listened. It is very important to listen to your body it is always telling you what it needs, our bodies are extremely amazing. So to keep our bodies from becoming weak and dehydrated we drank lemon, ginger and honey tea. We made this by the pot and drank it little by little as not to over due it and toss it back up. This tea is my go to no matter what is wrong and I actually drink it every night before bed.

Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and promote digestion by relieving nausea and vomiting. It can also give relief from stomach cramps and bloating.

Lemon is high in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that enhances the immune system and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Plus it is great for flushing the system of toxins faster, which we really want when we are sick.

Honey has antimicrobial properties that help fight bacterial infections.

We drank lots of Kombucha as well, this amazing fermented tea is full of probiotics and those little fighters took down the bad bacteria really fast. My nausea and cramps went away soon after drinking some. Thank you Kombucha Gods! (Make sure to check back soon for future posts on Kombucha)

Also for my son we gave him Sisu Kids’ Cold & Flu Rescue. We used a supplement to help stimulate his immune system and speed up the healing process. This supplement contains combination of immune-supporting ingredients: echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta carotene. We keep a bottle of this on hand just in case. If you are in Canada and are looking for a great cold and flu supplement I highly recommend this one. They sell quality products and a bonus for me because they are Canadian and I love supporting other Canadian companies.

Also lots of rest was necessary, except for my son who I think sucked all the energy out of Ryan and I cause he was very active even though he wasn't keeping anything down.

After the first day we started to introduce food to our diet. And we started out with fresh fruit and smoothies. On the third day we were all starving and had our appetite back.

I have to say I was pretty upset with myself for not limiting the amount of sugar we all ate because the truth is I know better but like I said life happens, next year we will be sure to monitor how much sugar we are eating and put some measures into place to prevent the stomach flu from making another visit. One visit was enough for this family.

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